little things

I admit it, there are plenty of little things I knit that never make it to the blog. But today I got some especially adorable pictures, and decided I need to correct at least one omission.


It’s a digital age hat! (I’m told someone just took away his waffle, not that he hates the hat)

My friend Sam provided two of the clocks for the ebook (the melty one in Cocktail Hour and the classic alarm clock in Morningtide) It takes a really good friend to not question my sanity when I ask if she can mail me a couple of clocks from PA just for two knitting photo shoots…

And since she and her husband are pretty geeky people, I thought they’d appreciate the binary coding in Digital Age.

digital hat

So for their son’s birthday I knit him a digital age hat. I took the binary colorwork and arranged it for 5 rows instead of 8. I knit the whole thing on larger needles. Mitts are best with a nice, dense fabric so they don’t pill with all the wear and tear of being hand coverings. Hats for toddlers should be squooshy and trap lots of air. I aimed for 16ish inches relaxed, but with plenty of stretch. Babies and toddlers can have pretty large heads. I don’t remember the final size. I did test it, and I can tell you this hat fit over my 20″ head (it looked badly stretched and didn’t cover my ears, but it didn’t pinch my brain either)

marshalls hat

The hat is knit out of the leftover Chris yarn from Schaeffer. I had more green leftover so that became the body of the hat. The best part is I’m told his snow suit this year: it’s gray and green. I WIN!


2 responses to “little things

  1. I’d make that face too if someone took away my waffle :(

    On the bright side – adorable as always :)

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