I’m attempting to improve my photography skills. It’s not hard given that when I started designing I didn’t have any. Now, not only I can use words like aperture and exposure but I actually know what they mean, and how to adjust them on my camera.* I have no illusions of becoming a fabulous Photography (with a capital P) but I hope to continue to improve my photography, especially as it relates to my knitting (and chickens).

So far all I’ve really been doing is reading a few photography websites and then trying the buttons on my camera. So for my next steps I’ve joined the photography group so I can see good examples and maybe get some constructive critiques… One thing they do is choose a theme each month, and I think it’ll probably be good practice for me to take pictures of things besides yarn and knitting (and chickens). October’s theme is Rust:

october rust

So I managed to find some rust, and some daylight, before October ended.

*don’t laugh, these are things I didn’t know 10 months ago. Well, I knew both aperture and exposure had something to do with how much light made it into the camera. But I didn’t know the difference, or how to adjust them…


3 responses to “rust

  1. I don’t know if you read the Pioneer Woman (if you don’t, you should) or not, but I think she has a lot of good photography tips, especially for bloggers. IIRC, she also taught herself through trial and error and never comes of as condescending (which I think many photographers can).

    Also, Hi Becky!! How is life?

    • Hi Bailey!

      I have read a lot of her photography stuff, she’s one of the bloggers I’ve found most useful! I agree, when photographers get all technical and condescending I skip past them pretty quickly.

      Life is pretty hectic these days, I keep waiting for it to calm down because it’s almost winter. So far, no luck…

  2. Very artsy. I find the snow a bit disturbing, though, but you captured it beautifully.

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