winter larder

I like having a decent amount of food on hand. I’m not one of those people with a year’s worth of canned goods and dry pasta in the basement, stored up for the coming apocalypse. I just like knowing that if we stuck at home for days on end* we’re not in danger of running out.

I also like knowing where my food comes from, and supporting my local farmers. So OF COURSE I’m all over the opportunity to buy my winter veggies in bulk. We usually get a winter share from our CSA** and then we pick up some extras from Foote Brook Farm. This year we picked up all our storage veggies from them:


that’s 180lbs of food. 100lbs of potatoes (50 each of yukon gold and red), 40lbs of onions (we like onions, we eat a lot of them), and 40lbs of baby blue hubbards. Add to this the some carrots and parsnips from Foote Brook as well as 30 or 40lbs of squash, a bushel of brussel sprouts…

fractal veggies
(did you know brussel sprouts grow like fractals!?!)

…plenty of garlic, and 6 cabbages*** I grew myself. Well – our larder is overflowing this time of year!

winter storage

This is just the active storage in the kitchen. Most of the goodies live upstairs in the shut off guest bedroom which is nice and cool. Oh and those are apples picked from a nearby tree. I have no idea what kind they are; but in my experience they store well into January.

All this is very good, because with the cold weather (more damaging than just snow) my garden is done growing. Next year’s garlic has been planted, and the other beds raked smooth. Hiding away in their a-frames I still have spinach, peas, beets, and onions. The beets and onions we’ll eat as micro-greens with the spinach for late season salad. The peas, although they look great, may be a lost cause. I don’t know if they’ll bloom with the cold. And if they do, are there any pollinating bugs still around?

all winter aframe tiny onions

For anyone curious about the summer squash as a fall crop: it didn’t work out. The plants were fine through the first 3 frosty nights. But we had one night that was in the low 20’s until morning and the plants froze right inside their a-frame. It’s too bad because they were starting to put out flower buds. If I started them earlier, or we had a warm fall, I think they would’ve worked…

*our road blocked off by trees downed by a tornado, an ice storm, a freak october nor’easter, flooded spring roads… Pick your favorite disaster. They’re coming more frequently as we all feel the effects of climate change.

**we didn’t this year because their crops were destroyed by the irene flood.

***and all those canned and frozen goodies from my projects all summer long…


One response to “winter larder

  1. You make me wish I lived in a place where I could garden… I know there’s a local CSA group here but I wonder if it’s practical for a single person?

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