October light

october light 1

There ain’t no saving daylight,
when the tenth month comes around.

october light 2

September’s memories take flight,
as heaven’s lamp turns down.

october light 3

So we feast on eventide,
’cause November’s chilling bite

october light 4

is waiting on the other side
of this October Light.

Lyrics from October Light by Robin and Linda Williams

These are actually sunrise photos. With the change in seasons I’ve been getting up in the dark, and leaving home in the dark. Sadly, even “falling back” to standard time leaves me waking up in the dark, and it throws off my internal clock in the evenings as well…


5 responses to “October light

  1. You know – I have grown to hate both the spring forward/fall back. It’s “only” an hour, but man-o-man, it messes with my sleep schedule big time. :(

  2. I wish they would can daylight saving time; most sports events have artificial lighting, so put big lights on the golf courses and leave the time alone!! I stress out a week before the clocks get turned back or “sprung” ahead, knowing I will be messed up for months to come.

  3. How beautiful! DST throws me off so badly. I got home last night at a quarter to 6 and it was already almost dark :/

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