mountain colors 4/8s wool

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and positive feedback on my Kathryn Margaret shawl. It means a lot to me. I’d be designing things for myself whether or not there was anyone else interested in them. To be able to share my patterns with other wonderful knitters is an honor.

So to say thank you, I’m having a little give-away! One lucky winner will get a the pattern for this shawl AND enough yarn to knit their very own.

The yarn used for this shawl is Mountain Colors 4/8s wool. It’s a great workhorse of a worsted weight yarn. soft enough to wear, durable enough to wear well. I’ve loved their colorways since WAAAY before I started designing. So when I needed a subtly variegated solid color for this shawl I reached out to them to see if they’d be interested in collaborating. I’m glad to say they were, and soon I had two lovely HANKS of 4/8’s in the Harmony Honey colorway:

harmony honey

I’m calling them HANKS because these suckers contain the yardage two skeins each. It’s how they’re put up for dying before re-skeining them for sale. That’s about 1000 yards of yarn total and I clearly did not use it all. I thought with all the cables that I might need upwards of 700 yards*. But this shawlette is knit out of just 450 yards!

Leave a comment on this post telling me about your first cabled project (or will this be your first?) On Friday the 18th (noon EST) I’ll pick a winner! And yes, international folks are welcome. I’d like to thank Mountain Colors for donating the yarn for this give away. You all know how much I love working with small independent companies!


*estimating how much yarn I need for a design, when I haven’t even got any to swatch with, is one of the trickiest parts. Once I have the yarn in hand and a swatch and a schematic made up it’s much easier to calculate the yardage needed for other sizes. Well- easier if you like dimensional analysis, which I do.


41 responses to “mountain colors 4/8s wool

  1. I started reading your blog very recently and must say that I love this tribute to your sister. How sweet! My first cable project was a hat, and was actually my second ever project!

  2. A giveaway! How fun. It’s a beautiful shawl in a lovely color.
    I suspect my first cabled project was a pair of Cookie A socks. Cables rock the house.

  3. My first cabled project was my first knitting project (ok- so I don’t start with easy stuff) I made a pillow w/ a lacy cabled pattern. :-)

  4. My first cable project has a sad ending I’m afraid. My Grandma taught me how to knit when I was little. For the most part I did very simple projects and whenever something went wrong I always went to Grandma and she would fix it for me. So, when I finally graduated college and had more time on my hands I decided to begin a project that I had always dreamed of and that was an Aran knit sweater. I went to the LYS and spent a pretty penny on some yarn and as usual, Grandma cast on for me (yes, I couldn’t even cast on myself). I had completed most of the pieces and with some mistakes that Grandma would fix for me. Sadly before I could finish, Grandma passed away. I kept knitting but for some reason I felt I couldn’t do it without Grandma’s help. I didn’t know how to finish it or do the hood. I put it away and every so often would take out the unfinished sweater and think of Grandma. The sweater got lost one year during a move (and the pattern with it) and it makes me so sad. I really would have liked to finish it to make Grandma proud.

    I have since come a long way with my knitting and become very self sufficient in fixing and finishing projects, but every time I work on a project with cables, I always start to miss my Grandma.

  5. Your shawl is an absolutely beautiful and touching way to honor your sister.

    My first cable project was actually my first knitting project ever! I figured it I was going to teach myself to knit, I’d do it the hard way. :-) It was a XOXO cabled scarf. Nice and long so that I really got the hang of cabling…and really bored of cables!

  6. This would be my first cable project. I’ve thought cables would be hard. The shawl looks as if I could do it. It isn’t overwhelming. I’m so sorry about your sister. You’ve created a great tribute to her memory.

  7. My first cabled project was a jersey for my eldest son; I did it in a multi-coloured yarn so that if I stuffed up no-one would be able to tell. I was surprised just how easy cables were and have made items using them several times since.
    I do love that shawl; I’ve been looking for something suitable for my MIL and that might just be it.

  8. I knit your Catamount sweater during the knitalong last fall, and have followed your blog on and off since then. I was sorry to hear about your sister, and think the shawl is lovely. My first cabled project was a pair of socks (Boyfriend Socks) for my husband. They were dark gray, on size 1’s, and a complete nightmare — I had birch dpn’s and broke just about all of them, having to switch to metal needles as I went. I did finish them (eventually), and have thoroughly enjoyed all the easier, larger cables I have done since then!

  9. The shawl is just gorgeous, and what a wonderful way to honor your sister. I can’t remember if I posted when you first showed it, but I just love it.

    I had to think about it, but the first cabled project I’m sure I finished was this sweater in Lopi from this Reynolds pattern, around 1998. It’s ginormous, and so hot to wear that it needs to be about forty below before I’ll suffer having the thing on. I doggedly keep it in my cedar chest because it’s one of two sweaters I’ve ever knit for myself, and who knows, it could conceivably be that cold and I’ll wish I had it. Plus, I like it.

  10. What a lovely pattern Becky. My first cabled project was a scarf for my mother, who taught me to knit.

  11. I can’t remember what my first cabled project was – maybe a hat or some mittens? The first one I remember was a horribly ambitious worsted-weight sweater with no shaping whatsoever, in a shocking shade of pink! It turned out beautifully but somehow I hardly ever wear it now…

  12. I have never cabled in my life. Come to think of it, most of my knitting consists entirely of Knit and Purl. I guess that’s what happens when 2 little people underfoot cause you to knit in 5-10 minute sessions.

  13. I knit my first cable in a vest made of a bulky wool — totally the wrong combo and about a year ago I frogged it. Not that you asked, but my FAVE cables are my ChicKnits Twist cardigan.

  14. My first cabled project was a hat that turned out way too small, so I had to frog it! My secon was an afghan/pillow set for my MIL. I really love cables and that color is just gorgeous!

  15. My first cabled project is also my current one – the DNA Scarf for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. My first cabled project was an Aran sweater for my nephew too many years ago to even calculate. I love all things Celtic and your designs, especially your Kathryn Margaret shawl are so lovely indeed. Thank you for a lovely giveaway. (sisterrobinson on Ravelry).

  17. Wow, it is really lovely shawl! My first cable experience was that I read the books with explaination (that time there is no youtube), which I knitted a patch such as many different style of cables. At first, by looking at it overwhelmed me,. Once I read the instruction, pictures, etc… Gosh, it is easy! I first tried with cable needle, then I knitted several hats with cables, and I managed to use without cable needle!! Only one thing I did not do was celtic cable which I loves to do this.

    Only one purse with cable in the middle frustrated me because I was not able to read the chart which I alway read the written ones! I had to pull it off, and re-write from chart into written, and it helped! But with the type of yarn I used does not look good on this one! I had to pause it for now as there are other projects that my daughter wanted me to knit for her. That s what mom is for!

  18. Gosh…can’t remember my first cabled project but my last one was a hat. Love cables and this shawl pattern has some lovely ones. Love the colorway of that yarn too.

  19. Oh…this is beautiful! Of course, I have always been intimidated by cables…so, this would be my first! Thanks. Yhime407 on Ravelry

  20. Knittingdancer on Ravelry

    My first cable project was an Irish Hiking Scarf for the Red Scarf Project.

  21. gorgeous! my first cable project that i actually liked was this hat :
    i love cables!

  22. Your pattern looks wonderful, the cables are really stunning!
    My very first cable projects was the Modern Cabled Baby Bib ( that I knit for a friend’s baby. It wasn’t as hard as I thought :) I actually enjoy cabling, but don’t do it very often. I love shawls, and most of them have lots of lace, but no cables. I like that your pattern combines several things I like: a shawl, in wosrted weight, with cables! Love :)

  23. My first knitting project was an afghan for my father, done in orange and brown in cheap acrylic; seed stitch panels alternating with cable panels. He was appropriately appreciative, even in those awful colors. This shawl would be my second cable project and I am looking forward to it.

  24. I don’t remember whether Cookie A’s Sunshine socks were my first cabled project or whether I had already finished a project with them (I know I did swatches with them when I was first learning to knit).

  25. My first cable was on socks. ”Firestarter” on ravelry. I haven’t finish yet , but it’s a christmas gift, I’m in time … ;-)
    And your shawl is gorgeous ! Fit very well the honey yarn !!
    Thank you for giving them away !! :-*

  26. That’s a beautiful shawl!
    My first cabled project was actually my first project when I started knitting again a few years ago. I decided on a whim that I wanted to knit a cardigan, and the pattern I settled on had some (luckily very mild) cabling along the front edges… the cabling turned out to be less of a challenge than shaping the cardigan :)

  27. Your shawl is gorgeous. I love cabling of any kind. It just adds something so special to a project.
    Thank you so much for the give away.

  28. I really don’t remember what my first cabling project was. The one I use just about every day is a big aran afghan that I made about 20 years ago. It sits on the back of my couch and is big enough to cover 2!
    Your Kathryn Margaret shawl is just lovely! I love intertwining cables like that – the more intricate the better!

  29. Really lovely shawl and the colour is absolutely gorgeous, perfect match of yarn and pattern. Reminds me of early spring sunshine, gentle and golden.

    My first cabled project was many years ago, a long boyfriend type aran cardigan done in the traditional bainin wool,…. and I still have it 34 years on !
    … and yes, it still fits. Though I must admit it was somewhat looser back then…( middle age spread fills it out now :) )

    Lovely giveaway.

  30. my very first cabled project was fairy ring by mary scott huff.
    It’s a gorgeous cabled coat sweater.
    I love that shawl though and consider cables one of my favorite projects.
    I’m squiggi on ravelry.

  31. I have plans for my first cable project to be a square for a stitch sampler afghan. I hear cabling is easy, but it just intimidates me. Would love to get comfortable doing it and this shawl looks like the perfect way.

  32. As soon as I saw the picture of this shawl, I loved it – and what a beautiful tribute to your sister!

    I’ve knit 14 Irish Hiking Scarves, but I think that is a pretty easy cable – only every 8 rows. I would love to try knitting this shawl, with its intertwined cables…

  33. Stunning Shawl!
    Well my first cabled project was a bright pink cardigan with a very basic twist cable that enabled me to learn how to cable. The cardigan turned out lovey and my sister loves it to this day!
    Rosebob on Ravelry

  34. I adore Mountain Colors! I did a pattern with their Twizzle this fall. Love love love.

    My first cables were Fetching, the fingerless gloves from Knitty.

  35. That is a beautiful shawl! My first cable project was a Dishcloth. I absolutely love the look of cables but I thought I would never be able to learn how to knit a cable, it just looked to hard. Then i bought a Dishcloth pattern book and one of the patterns was all about cables. It really isn’t that hard was what I thought as I followed the pattern and the result is gorgeous even in a simple dishcloth.

  36. elizabeth streeter

    first cable I cant remember but the hardest was a BLACK aran jsweater fro my brother I vowed never to cable black yarn again and I havent love your shawl and teh comp how generous some people are

  37. My first cabled project was a little vest made for my nephew when he was barely toddling about. It was super simple in doible moss stitch. The cable panel down the front was a gorgeous Celtic design.

    It was quite ambitious and well worth the effort. He loved it & wore it until it was much too small for him.

  38. My first cables were on a much tortured cotton dish cloth. This is how I learned cotton makes my teeth hurt. Oy. Not a big candler since then, I love that you designed the Kathryn Margaret in honor of your sister. Whether I win or not, I will be knitting the pattern in honor of my own sister.

  39. My first cabled project was a headband from Knitty. I thought cables were magic!

  40. I love that knitting can be so personal. What a beautiful memorial you’ve created for your sister!

    My first cabled project was a throw I made for my step-dad after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I chose a handful of designs from Barbara Walker’s first treasury of knitting patterns, chose a layout and did some math to tweak the different patterns into symmetrical repeats.

    First cables, first bobbles, first throw. Was really pleased with how it came out & even more pleased with how it was received. Best of all, he beat the cancer and is able to keep enjoying the throw (if he can get it away from my mom).

    Pictures here:

  41. I learned to knit because I wanted to knit myself an Irish fisherman’s sweater. But I had to wait while my LYS ordered the yarn for me, so my very first knit item was a cabled scarf made from the two skeins they had in stock.

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