vacation knitting

You may have noticed that with all the pictures from my vacation – knitting didn’t show up, not even once. Don’t worry I haven’t lost my senses, I knit THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of stitches on vacation. I’ve just been requested to keep the colorway of my vacation knitting a secret for a while longer.

But I can tell you it’s a shawl. A lovely, lacy, full sized shawl of my own design! If you like to knit shawls I can strongly recommend Wooly Wonka’s Shakespeare in Lace shawl club. This year’s shawls are all inspired by sonnets, and it looks like I’m in the company of some impressive designers!

March 2012 – Spring: Merino laceweight in deep rose and pale shell pink. Floral and leaf motifs scattered over the shawl. Designed by me and myself.
June 2012 – Summer: Merino/Silk laceweight in rich emerald and grass greens. Becky Herrick is going to tackle this one.
September 2012 – Fall: Glenna C is going to design a fall-themed fingering-weight shawl in merino/silk in an absolutely glowing russet/mahagony red colorway.
December 2012 – Amanda Bjorge, who designed the Aurum shawl using my Nimue yarn, will be closing out the year with an icy blue-gray laceweight shawl. This new yarn’s a beauty – merino, silk and a dusting of silver threads shot thru it.

“Rich emerald and grass greens” doesn’t begin to express the depth and beauty of the yarn Anne sent me after I mumbled something vague about “fields of grass and grain with a storm on the horizon.” The yarn she dyed up specifically for my design is gorgeous. The stitch patterns I’ve woven together will represent fields of grain. I can’t wait to share the finished object with everyone.

Well, once it’s finished. I suspect I’m about half way through the knitting (each row is longer than the last, so it’s hard to be sure) I’m at that point where I wonder out-loud about exactly how many stitches-per-row there really should be on a full sized shawl. (answer: A LOT)

There is also an accessories club, which I’m sure will be very nice :-) But when Anne asked me to design for one of her clubs I was hip deep in fingerless mitts and really looking forward to a change of pace.


3 responses to “vacation knitting

  1. Thanks for the link to Sakespears in Lace shawl club – I signed up!

  2. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on (busily it would seem!).

    I dunno about “mumbling” or maybe it’s just that having been to the green that is Vermont, it’s easy to think of summer greens that look like that.

    • You’ve reminded me that I actually took pictures of my swatch last weekend! It’s just a little triangle version, but you can see the first stitch pattern which I’m thinking of as waves of grain, and the second which I’m calling windrows. The increases are almost completely hidden in the waves of grain pattern which I love, they’ll be the main body of the shawl – there are 3 triangles to give a faroese sort of shape. Then the windrows will go along the entire bottom edge, and the bind off will be shaped like wheat-ears. I’ll admit I’m still working on that one, but I have flexibility to how many stitches per repeat after the windrows, so I’m not worried.


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