on the needles

I’ve got quite a bit of knitting going on right now, so talking about what’s on my needles is as much for my sanity (or at least organized insanity) as it is for your amusement (I can hear you, wondering to yourself how I plan on knitting all this)

Short version:
Knit four hats and three other accessories before December starts. Knit a big secret thing in December. Knit two sweaters and one shawl before spring. Spring sounds like a long time from now, until you look at this list in detail:

Christmas knitting:

  • 3 hats, 1 cowl, 1 pair of mitts, 1 pair of slippers. This list is vague because most of the people on my Christmas list read this blog (hi mom!)

Designs in progress:

  • A shawl – thousands of stitches (seriously, the last row is over 550 stitches, and of course each row increases a few stitches each time to get there) due in May
  • A big, secret project I can’t tell you about. Also, I don’t have the yarn yet. Also, it’s due at the end of January.
  • My Boyden sweater, the standard drill: grade it for all 9 sizes, knit the sample, noting changes as knitting, polish the pattern, get it tech edited, setup and model a photo shoot, layout the whole thing in a reasonable number of pages (including charts) Hopefully done by April? (Indie patterns get pushed around when I get deadline projects in hand.)
  • Another sweater: same drill as above, except with different gauge/shaping/charts (of course) This one due in May.
  • A hat design: good news is this one’s done except the layout and tech editing, so it doesn’t count as “on the needles.” Bad news is I want to publish it in December…
  • ANOTHER hat design: This on is literally on the needles, and in my knitting bag right now. Should be done soon, except for all those designerly details. Oh yeah, also due in December (but flexible)
  • Some more mitts, working title Gifford. There may be a complementary slouchy hat? The mitts have been the backup project any time something gets tricky and I don’t want to think about it right away.

So it’s probably needless to say that right now I WANT TO KNIT ALL THE THINGS. It doesn’t help that the most gorgeous issue of Twist Collective ever just came out. It was right on the heels of Tangled and just before Knitcircus. Why do they do this to me, WHY?? So here’s what I’d be casting on for, if I didn’t have so many things (which I truly do love) already going:

1. Peacock Mitts by Stephannie Tallent, from California Revival Knits, 2. Wetherell by Leah Thibault, 3. Zosia by Marnie MacLean, 4. Corcovado by Carol Feller, 5. Eira by Ann-Marie Jackson, 6. Sandrilene by Jessamyn Leib, 7. Marilyn by Marina Orry, 8. French Roast Cardi by Rachel Dickman, 9. Smorgasbord by Tracy St. John, 10. Moore by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud, 11. Dove by Agnes Kutas, 12. Telemetry by Bristol Ivy, 13. Tessellations by Tracy St. John*

All photos copyright to the publications/authors/photographers linked.

*Yes, both of the patterns by Tracy involve CROCHET but it’s my wishlist, and I say it doesn’t matter that I can’t crochet. I do what I want.


4 responses to “on the needles

  1. I love “Wetherell” and “Eira”! (Although “Eira” made me do a double-take because that is the name of the main character in the story I’m working on…) That’s quite an ambitious knitting list, but I’m sure you can do it!

    • Thanks! It’s feeling much more manageable now, I’ve already finished one of two of the christmas mitts. I always forget how quickly they knit up. You’d think I would have made enough at this point to remember…

  2. EGADS – yes. I feel your pain. And my big project is due before your big project! I think creative use of time and mish-mashing around of deadlines is sort of required, isn’t it? I hope?

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