This weekend I did some baking in preparation for thanksgiving. I made this pumpkin* spice cake** along with my standard apple and pumpkin breads (from the old faithful Joy of Cooking recipes)

My pumpkin bread went into muffin tins since the apple bread was using both loaf pans.

pumpkin muffins

And then I went to get the apple bread out of the pan

apple bread

Yeah, that didn’t go so well. Neil enjoyed it though, since he got to eat most of that loaf. The second I left in the pan. I’ll try and remove it tonight after it’s THOROUGHLY cooled.

*For both pumpkin recipes I used mashed blue hubbard squash A) because blue hubbard has way more flavor and B) because I have way more blue hubbard available. But the flesh is much drier than pumpkin, so I mashed it with a little apple cider before using it in the recipes. How can that possibly be a bad thing?
**I haven’t tried it yet, but it certainly looks good!


2 responses to “Baking

  1. I’m sad – no baking for me this year. No oven in these little European kitchens.
    I find a layer of parchment paper on the bottom of the pan (greased, of course) helps prevent the fall apart on the loaves.
    It all looks so yummy, I wish I could come eat it and knit with you!

    • They don’t have ovens in Italy?!? I’m sad with you!! I’ll have to try the parchment paper trick. It doesn’t burn or smoke? one time I tried to bake cookies on parchment paper (the recipe told me to!) and it filled the kitchen with smoke…

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