Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, always has been. Even as a kid the absolute, pure fun of gathering with my family for a whole weekend of visiting, games, and food was better than Christmas.


Our family Thanksgathering may be a little different from most. We meet at a lodge in New Hampshire (or as I like to call it, a neutral location) This means no one family has the stress of hosting. It also means we have access to a commercial sized kitchen, a walk-in fridge, and bunk rooms for everyone to sleep in. People start arriving Wednesday afternoon and the fun goes on for days.* Everyone brings food – something for the feast, some dessert, eggs and bacon for breakfast, fruit for snacks throughout the day, a dish for the Friday night potluck… Between us all every meal is covered.

I have memories as a child of not even realizing that I was related to all these people. They were just the cool kids who’d somehow been invited to this awesome thanksgiving get together. We frequently have discussions about how so-and-so is a second cousin once removed whereas this other person is a first cousin three times removed… How many people even know relatives that distant?


This year several of the regulars weren’t able to attend. We had fun even though they were missed, and we still managed to have 62 people for dinner on thursday.

I hope your holiday was good too!


In other news, commenter #8 -Diana- won the give-away for Everneath. Congratulations!

*well Saturday is mostly for cleaning and travel.


4 responses to “Thanksgathering

  1. she’s neglecting to mention how much knitting she managed to accomplish. Not to mention the two relatives who began the weekend as knitting-nervous who were knitting happily away after her instruction. . .

  2. It looks like a wonderful time. I’m glad you were able to gather with so many relatives – I know holidays can be hard when you’ve lost someone close, esp recently. Can’t wait to see the knitting, too.

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