snapshots from home

With all the traveling we did in November I have to say I’m really looking forward to a quiet, cozy December. One with lots of knitting in it!

I think our animals have been feeling neglected with their people so far from home.

upsidedown critters

I mean, don’t they look soooooooo pitiful? Clearly we need to spend more time with them…
(you’ll have to excuse Neil, he’s not feeling well. He’d be mortified to learn I’m putting this picture of him on the interweb)


3 responses to “snapshots from home

  1. My cat has been feeling slighted lately as well! I can’t help it that it’s paper and performance season though… I hope you get your quiet December :-)

  2. I’m planning for it as firmly as I can. No extra travel, and lots of extra knitting gatherings!

  3. I am SO VERY MUCH with you on the concept of a quiet December! We’ll both hope for it.

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