I have two hat designs I’ll be publishing this month.

Here’s a sneak peak of one:

But the other is the first one I should release.

December is a good month for hats, yes?

I made THE BEST coleslaw the other day. I just mixed savory apple chutney and mayo for the dressing. Nothing else. It was SO EASY.

Sometimes it’s important to have a little celebration over an a little accomplishment:

The celebration itself is sometimes the important part.

Neil is just a few finals, plus one semester, away from finishing his degree. I am SO PROUD!

Christmas is coming, did you know? It’s December already.

I’m almost done my gift knitting. This would be more of an accomplishment if I didn’t have so much other knitting to do in December/January.

I’m never home during daylight hours. Literally. Well, except for weekends.

I have a list of photos I want to take this weekend, so I can show you stuff.

I read a book last week. It was so good I didn’t say anything about it. Just let it mull around in my head for awhile.

We still have no snow on the ground. I want my snowy Decembers back.


2 responses to “randomly

  1. Your post makes me wish I needed hats here. The yarn looks beautiful in that picture, I just want to squeeze it.

    • It is so squeezable! I’ve been working with a local farm that has a yarn CSA share to develop some patterns for their yarns. It’s been a great process and this hat will be the first one out!

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