hat season

Winter is hat season. I’d say that’s true pretty much everywhere. Even if you don’t live someplace that gets snowy the chilly rains and gray days of winter call for a warm hat.*

So it seems like the perfect time to introduce my newest pattern: carmi. (also on Ravelry, of course)

carmi green top

I knit these hats waaaay back last winter when it was gray and dark and I needed something colorful. Wait did I say hats?

carmi purple crown

yes, yes I did. Carmi is like a choose-your-own adventure pattern. Start by picking three colors (I used Lark from Quince & co, they have some wonderful colors to choose from)
Next pick your style: Shallow to just cover the tops of your ears, or deep to cover the whole top half of your head (I’m beginning to realize not everyone lives someplace so cold they need extra deep hats like I do)
Third, pick your size. Carmi is written in four sizes from child’s (16″/40.5 cm) through adult’s large (22.25″/56.5 cm)
And if you knit mirror image hats like I did you can get two (or maybe three) hats from the three skeins of lark. Perfect for last minute Christmas knitting (not that anyone would put off their gift knitting until the last minute)

I submitted these hats to Knitty, and after a very gracious “no thank you” from them I figured I’d self publish. But then I didn’t get around to it. And they sat. And then it was summer (not really hat season) and they sat some more.

Neil and I finally re-did the photography one gorgeous fall day. But the field in the background was entirely summer green still. So rather than having a 3rd photo shoot for this project I simply grayed out the background. Do you think this works? What would you have done?

carmi purple facing

*at least that’s my experience, and so far all winter has given me is chilly, rainy days…


3 responses to “hat season

  1. Pretty hats. I like the greyed out background, it makes your hats standout.

  2. They’d be great stash-busters! I probably could make about 35 of em. Hm…

    (Personally, I don’t mind the grayed-out background at all. It really makes the hat colors pop. And definitely a creative solution not to have to reshoot the photos again and again.)

  3. Cute! I like the greyed-out background as well….

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