Neil doesn’t read my blog so I’m going to tell you ALL ABOUT his christmas present right now. Neil has worn giant holes in his favorite slippers. They’re those lovely shearling ones that you can get from places like LLBean.

I’ve had this idea for years – that a clever knitter ought to be able to duplicate these slippers with some felted outers and thrummed inners. Seems logical, right? So I’m giving it a shot. First I measured his old slippers and did some math, figuring 30% shrinkage for the stitches and 40% for the rows gave me slipper outers that would go on OVER a pair of clown shoes:

clown shoe covers

But they’ve felted down perfectly. I used size 11 needles and held worsted yarn singly for these instead of holding it double. I figure with the thrummed inners I really don’t need double thickness felt. And I have a plan for the soles – I want to rubberize them. That way they’ll be durable (he wears his slippers outside in the yard, a lot) and less likely to slip going down our wooden stairs. Anyone have a good suggestion for some sort of craft or hardware store liquid rubber (or something) I can apply to these slippers?

For the inners I used the same yarn and the same stitch count but on size 8 needles. This worked so perfectly I was shocked! I even had the same number of heel flap rows as in the outer! The first liner is done, and I’ve just barely started the second… I don’t know if I’ll actually have the pair finished in time to wrap them both since I’m full steam ahead on some deadline projects right now. But I think I ought to be able to finish the first one (it just needs to be sewn together and rubberized) and hey, half a pair of slippers under the tree is better than an IOU, right?


5 responses to “slippers

  1. I’m pretty sure Home Depot sells stuff to rubberize the handles of tools that might work for your slippers. It’s a liquid that you dip things in. You will post the final product, yes? I’m interested to find out how these turn out!

  2. I see this add on tv all the time. . . .
    (warning-annoying “as-seen-on-tv” ad loads when you get to this page . . .)

  3. They sound excellent! Maybe I’ll try that… I had a pair of the L.L.Bean slippers as well, but they were one of the items I never got back after the tornado at school my freshman year, and I haven’t replaced them yet!

    Maybe this could be your next published pattern :-D

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