winter chickens

The birds have been all cooped up recently. But when I’m home I like to give them a chance to get out and stretch their legs.

perched over the snow

The trick is, they don’t so much WANT to stretch their legs.

chickens in the grass

Because then their legs end up in the cold snow. Better to stick to the grass… My new rooster isn’t so afraid of the snow. The old one just stayed in the coop and so the hens stuck near him. Myles is much better about leading the flock out into the snow.


3 responses to “winter chickens

  1. I have three hens who love to run outside….. cold, rain, or snow. I don’t have a rooster because we have neighbors (we’re right on the edge of town and still in the city limits) who may not appreciate a noisy rooster! I love my hens!!

  2. What beautiful creatures!!! What breed of fowl are they?

    • I sometimes think hens are more brave (or foolish?) without a rooster to lead them around.

      Those guys are mutts. Their dad is a partridge rock, and their mom was americana/speckled sussex cross. Having several brown roosters in a row is leading to an increasingly brown flock…

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