Slipper update

The slippers are coming along nicely! They’re squooshy and soft and warm and make me want a pair of my own.


They’re also taking an awfully long time. It’s because I’m knitting 4 feet (outers and inners) and the thrums: they’re slowing me way down*. They’re fun and they’re totally worth it, but So Slow. Also, I wasn’t going to have enough white to knit both sets of liners. So once I was past the ankle I switched back to brown. No one will see the toe of the liner of the slipper once they’re assembled.


Which means no one will see the pretty flecked pattern the thrums make. And I still haven’t gotten any rubberizer yet, but not for lack of suggestions!

*If you don’t know what a thrum is – it’s where I wrap little twists of unspun fiber around every 4th stitch with the fuzzy ends pointing in.


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