I didn’t announce the winner of Incarnate yesterday. Let’s pretend it’s because I didn’t want to break up the poem and photo yesterday.

The winner is post #6: dothutchison. She picked Team Sylph which was a clear underdog with just 3 of 10 votes.

Which team you voted for doesn’t actually affect the random number generator.

I finished my stripy scarf. I love it.

Neil has threatened to steal it twice, even though it’s mostly purple.

I found a chicken under the coop this morning. This is a normal spot for them to hide.

The weather has been so gross we haven’t let the chickens outside in 2 days. I wonder what she’s been eating.

WordPress informs me that this is the fourth post I’ve titled “Randomly.” I’m ok with that.

I’m not going to the post office between now and Christmas. I’ve got 3 or 4 packages ready to go, but they’re all gonna have to wait.

I should point out I don’t wonder what the escaped hen has been drinking. It’s been rainy enough to solve that problem.

I’m having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. It’s at least 1 part weather. Also 2 parts missing my sister.

We don’t even have a tree setup, although I did put some festively colored yarn on display:
christmas yarn

I feel a sewing project coming on. Maybe next weekend, if I get my deadline knitting finished. I want a hip length pea coat.

Current frontrunner is this one. But I’m open to suggestions.


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