Scrappy Scarf

My scrappy scarf is done and OMG YOU GUYS I LOVE IT SO MUCH*!


Ahem, sorry about that. I got a bit carried away. This scarf is miracle! I usually dislike knitting scarves, I get bored by their repetitiveness and by how LONG they are. But not this one, I finished it in four days flat!

scarf curled

It’s not some little thing of a scarf either. This sucker must be 8 FEET long** (not counting 5 inches of fringe on either end) and it’s a solid 7 inches wide. This is a scarf you can wrap two ore three times around your neck, or go for the half-hitch look. Or if you forgot your hat wrap it around your head to keep your ears warm too. There’s plenty of this scarf to go around.


Seriously though, when I cast on ~200 stitches I did NOT expect an 8 foot scarf. I was thinking it’d be 5 feet long, give or take. Something in the combination of the garter stitch, the large needles, and the fact that I hadn’t swatched meant I had no idea how long this would be.

scarf fringe

The knitting was easy: Join yarn leaving a tail, knit across, break yarn leaving a tail. Repeat with the same color, or a different color, whatever. Bind off, tie knots, enjoy! I think about 75% of the time I worked just one row per color. There’s the occasional 2 row color breaking that up. Three rows in a row were reserved for self striping yarns as well as the first three and last three rows of the whole scarf.

scarf stripes

I loved knitting this so much I had to restrain myself from casting on another as soon as the first was done (I have a ridiculously short deadline project right now) But Neil’s threatened to steal my (purple based) scarf three times. And he’s also played the dreaded “I don’t have nearly enough hand knits given that I’m married to a knitter” card***. So I think I’ll be knitting another scrappy scarf in the near future. Maybe using gray as the base color… I have certainly have enough scrap yarn still around.


That’s another great thing about these scarves. They’re using up all those scraps. The ones that are just 5-10 yards. The ones that are too long to throw away, but too short to use, even just as a swatch. Seriously, 6 yards is barely enough to knit a little afghan block. But this scarf is like a memory quilt in scarf shape. Every time I look at it I can pick out the individual projects:

scraps detailed

And with that many colors, it really goes with everything!

*I love it so much I broke out my oft-neglected light box to get color-accurate photos on the second longest night of the year. What’s that? You didn’t know I had a light box? Well now you see how often I neglect it…
**I haven’t measured it, but I’m 5’7″ and if I hold one end way above my head the other end is still bunched up on the ground.
***The poor guy is right. But he asks for so little, and so much of my knitting is design work these days.

3 responses to “Scrappy Scarf

  1. I love it! Makes me wish I held on to all of those bits and pieces. I keep them for a while, in a drawer, or in their original project bag…but, eventually they all get tangled up together and create the yarn mess from hell and I either spend hours trying to untangle them and then throw them out. Or just throw it away. (Usually alternating methods from year to year) I’m thinking I need a better system. lol
    Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy your post Christmas knitting.

    • Wish I could help with the tangling thing, but I don’t have a better system. The scraps all live in a basket. And yes, I have to go through and untangle everything every few months…

  2. Seems like the scrap scarf could be an ongoing project. When you finish a project you knit the leftover into the scarf, roll it up and then move on to the next project. Voila – no tangling. . . .

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