St Stephen’s day

Neil and I went down to visit my family for Sunday and Monday. We had a quiet* Christmas morning at my brother-in-law and sister’s new house followed by lunch at my grandparent’s. It was a combination of new activities and old traditions. There was lots of delicious food, the fruit cake was a complete success, the knitted gifts were all very well received**. We played games, drank eggnog that my mom made herself, enjoyed each others company, and missed those who weren’t with us (one of my brothers wasn’t able to travel so we missed him as well as my sister Kathy. But at least we could talk to Aaron on the phone)

On Boxing day my sister Rachel, my mom, and myself sat down and went through all the family christmas ornaments: my mom’s, grandmother’s, and great-grandmother’s. We gave mom permission to throw away decorations made from construction paper and glitter, juice lids and ribbon, bits of pipe-cleaner and candy canes*** – all the sorts of ornaments that kids make and parents hold on to, but really probably shouldn’t keep forever. We sorted out the ornaments that have special meaning, are attached to memories, or that we just plain like best. Everything else was boxed up and prepared for Freecycle – which is probably a good, modern version of Boxing day!

I’ll do a round up of knitting, and introduce you to my new spinning wheel (here’s a hint, it’s still in pieces in a box) another time.

*well quiet except for their crazy dogs. But I’m used to crazy dogs, so that’s ok.
**Even by Neil, who go one and a half slippers…
***especially these, since the mice have eaten some of them!


2 responses to “St Stephen’s day

  1. OHHHHHHH!! That is so funny! The mice had a nice holiday feast!

  2. Congrats on the new spinning wheel! I’m looking forward to seeing photos.

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