Christmas knitting wrap up

Did I mention that I knit a lot for Christmas this year? It’s been a rough year and that made me want to wrap the people I love in wool. I’m sure you understand.

gift mosaic

1. Neil’s slipper, 2. Aaron’s hat, 3. Isaac’s hat, 4. gift pile, 5. Steve’s hat, 6. Papa’s neck gaiter, 7. Rachel’s mitts, 8. Mom’s socks

First up is Neil. He got the IOU for the year, and a present containing just a single slipper. Which he wore last night in front of the fire and proclaimed very toasty. Now I just need to finish the second liner…

Second is my brother Aaron (his is still in the mail, I’m pretty sure he’s not reading this) He’s getting a Quest hat. It’s a Knitty pattern, I worked the large size, and skipped the short row shaping for the brim. He’s a basic guy, he needs a basic hat. The yarn is Harrisville Designs Flax & Wool blend which they’re discontinuing. It’s a lovely woolen spun yarn with a unique fiber blend (20% flax and 80% wool, if it wasn’t obvious from the name)

Third is Isaac*. His hat is the uniquely shaped Maltese Fisherman’s Hat by Elizabeth Zimmermann. That lady could design marvelous things in garter stitch. Here the ear band is worked flat first, with short rows so it’s longest over the ears and hugs the back of the neck. Then the crown is worked in the round. Brilliant, and will fit under a helmet if needed (my brother is a reservist in the marines) The yarn is White Buffalo Elena: a discontinued wool from canada.

The next hat is for my brother in law Steve. It’s Xylem knit out of a single skein of Shelter. This is actually the yarn called for in the pattern! It was an accident, I swear. I never use the called for yarn. But it’s ok, I used different needles because I wanted a squishier fabric and then I had to change the number of repeats. Don’t worry, it’s not like I followed the pattern to the letter or anything.

The neck gaiter** (being modeled here by Jake) is for my dad. The pattern is Stonehenge. I did NOT get gauge (6sts/in on US8’s in worsted weight yarn? I cannot knit that tightly) Rather than futzing around trying to get something even resembling gauge I just cast on fewer stitches to get the size I needed. It worked perfectly. The yarn is more Mountain Viewe Coopworth I picked up at the VT sheep and wool festival this fall FOR EXACTLY THIS PURPOSE. I love it when a plan comes together.

At the bottom we have Rachel’s fingerless mitts. The pattern is Sun Dial. If it looks familiar: congratulations, you’ve been paying attention! But I can’t even follow my own directions – this time I used Knitpicks City Tweed in the heavy version. I used larger needles and cast on fewer stitches. Then I had to leave some of the increases out of the thumb. Since they’re all charted into the cable pattern that was a pain! And I have no one but myself to blame for that…

Last up are my mom’s socks. The pattern is Parade from Twist Collective. I wanted something that would be fun to knit and provide a nice background to the crazy yarn (Adorn sock yarn in the Acadia colorway) Mom gets hand knit socks every year, she doesn’t seem to mind! Rather, I think she’d be really sad if they stopped appearing under the tree.

*not in the photo – the photo is Reggie, helping to model Isaac’s hat.
**knitters call them cowls, hikers call them neck gaiters. I’m not sure my dad would wear anything called a cowl…

6 responses to “Christmas knitting wrap up

  1. Reggie looks so good in that hat that I think you need to make him one too…

  2. Your father observes that your tweet about Nancy Minott is off by a hundred years. Also we think it’s only 4 “great”s – Sally/Nancy/Chet/Lillian/Eugenia/Nancy . . . I can’t remember how to respond to tweets (if I ever knew. . . )

  3. Wow, what lucky recipients! And I totally understand about wanting to wrap everyone in wool. I can’t stand seeing someone I love pull on a cheap, store-bought, acrylic hat or gloves… it sends me into a frenzy.

    • Sadly someone gave ME a cheap acrylic hat for christmas this year… I keep telling myself that they were trying. I suspect it was a “well, clearly she likes hats – she keeps making them” thought. But still, what am I supposed to do with it? It’s not even very warm…

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