thank goodness for knitters

It’s that time of year, lots of people are reflecting on 2011. I don’t really want to reflect. 2011 hasn’t been a particularly good year and plenty of things from the past twelve months have become a permanent part of who I am and where I live (and not in a good way).

A year containing any one of these things could be considered bad, and 2011 has seen MULTIPLE community and personal tragedies. Floods in my and nearby communities, deaths in my family and Neil’s, cars that have broken down again and again. And that’s just off the top of my head. Like I said, I don’t want to spend a lot of time reflecting. Mostly I want to say “goodbye 2011, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

But through it all there has been knitting. And while that covers finding solace in my craft when times are tough I mean so much more than that. In a year where remembering the bad things is so much easier than finding the good so many of the good things are knitting related. There was the success and warm reception of the Time on my Hand ebook and the other patterns I’ve had published. The are the wonderful people I’ve met; both those I have found on Ravelry and Twitter, and those I met for the first time this year at festivals and knitting camp. The willingness of friends (in real life and online) to step up and help out with knitting when I’m on a deadline. And mostly there are all you wonderful people who read what I blog, comment on it, and make me feel welcome.

So that is my take-away from 2011: thank goodness for Knitters.


3 responses to “thank goodness for knitters

  1. I am so sorry you had so much sadness to deal with in 2011. The first thing I look for in my email is your post. It is my “boost” for the day, and I so love you sharing your everyday experiences and projects. It seems we had more than our share of water, too. Sesame St. (yes, for real) always becomes a small lake, and our back yard is like walking on a wet sponge. I have seriously considered galoshes for my hens! If my husband is still dragging his feet this spring, I am going to start digging a trench myself!! The city trenched around the park (it adjoins our back yard) to make sure the ball fields wouldn’t puddle up, and we had to pump water from under our house every time it rained. We dug and put drainage tiles in, but they are not doing the job anymore. But! there is still knitting and you inspire me to plug on and keep learning, and my only hope is to knit like you!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

    • So sorry to hear about your water problems! I am glad we’re on a hillside that is naturally well drained.

      Knitting is great because we can keep trying and ripping and reknitting and practicing until we get exactly what we want!

  2. Happy New Year Becky! May the new year bring you much happiness, peaceful and joy :) I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring and I so look forward to seeing all your lovely new designs!

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