Starting 2012 off on the right foot Neil and I took the dogs, met up with some friends, and went for a hike. We started at the local lookout, prospect rock:

prospect rock view.jpg

Followed the trail down through the woods,

prospect rock trail.jpg

Over the ridge that divides Johnson from Waterville, and soon you could see our valley.

round top lookout.jpg

The weather wasn’t perfect, but that did make for some excellent cloud viewing:

prospect rock clouds.jpg

The dogs had a great time running up and down the trail. And in spite of my wet socks (good thing wool is warm even when wet) I had a great first day of 2012. I hope you did too!


3 responses to “Prospects

  1. These are some amazing pictures. Happy New Year. :)

  2. Wow, those are beautiful photos. Your part of the country is so pretty! I’m glad you had a good first day of the year :-)

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