finished objects

I am not a bad knitter:

finished slippers

I make sure to fulfill my IOU’s. Neil’s slippers may be a touch too big for him (felted objects are tricky that way) but he loves them and has been wearing them non-stop. Not surprising since his old slippers had holes in them.

This weekend I also wrapped up a second scrappy scarf for Neil so he wouldn’t need to steal mine:

second scrappy scarf

And when I presented it to him he said “so now we have matching scarves!” I tried to point out how different they are. I mean look! His base color is gray, mine is purple. His has RED in it, mine doesn’t. But he remains unconvinced. He’s a wonderful guy, but he does struggle with color differences and changes*. It makes painting rooms with him an adventure…

And a finished project of a different sort – knitting pattern kits! You can now find my Carmi hat in kit format on Etsy from WoolHandCrafts. Kim is offering my printed patterns in kits with her naturally dyed Romney yarns. The yarn is spun from her own Romney sheep and she dyes some of it with logwood, jewelweed, indigo, and other colors. So if you don’t have scraps of yarn to knit this hat (um, I suppose that could happen) or if you’re not sure about pairing up colors on your own check out the kits! Also feel free to check them out if you just want to support an awesome Vermont farm.

*I actually asked him once, years ago, if he’d ever taken those color blindness tests they offer at the eye doctor. Apparently he’s tried them all, and passed. So he can SEE the different colors, it’s just that he doesn’t visualize them in his head the way I do.


3 responses to “finished objects

  1. The slippers are adorable!! My granddaughters would love them in purple and pink! My husband IS colorblind, and needs help getting dressed! hehehehehehehehe!!

  2. I love the way the slippers turned out! A little big is good – he can fit wool socks in too for those *really* cold nights ;-) I love Neil’s scrappy scarf, too; the colour combo is gorgeous. But it definitely looks a lot different than yours to me!

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