first and second tries

The long weekend gave me a great chance to get started on my boyden cardi. Once I was done with all that math I cast on and knit the ribbing with no issues. But the cables have been giving me trouble. If by that you understand I mean I keep screwing up and have no one but myself to blame – and I’d rather blame the cables. First, I couldn’t read my own chart:

chart issues

Granted that it’s a hand drawn chart with quite a bit of editing… But still. See how there are clearly THREE stitch boxes between the cables? And see how I’ve carefully made FOUR hatch marks underneath to indicate four stitches? Yeah, clearly that’s the cable’s fault. Luckily I noticed after just 2 rows (204 stitches each) And I’m pretty proficient at dropping down and fixing a single mis-crossed cable with a crochet hook. But this isn’t just a mis-crossed cable. This is a misplaced 1 to 5 stitch increase. That’s a lot of extra yarn to try and smudge around without making it look gross and loopy. So I TINKED BACK two rows (408 stitches total) to place the increase correctly.

ill fated cables.jpg

Then I really got flying. Yesterday afternoon I was admiring my beautiful cables. Aren’t they pretty? And look how they travel across the stockinette background! So graceful. Then I got to thinking about how they’d swoop up to the shoulder, past the neck bind off, and meet the cables from the back of the sweater so they look like they swoop back down… Waitaminute… The neck bind off… There are what? 17 stitches that get bound off for the neck edge (check my notes – yes, yes there are) and there are only 9 stitches between the cable panel and the front of the sweater (yes, this is also true)

CRAP! My bind off is going to cut into these cables!

It’s not even like I misplaced the cable panel by 1 or 2 stitches. If that were the case I could do a little creative m1 and k2tog work and nudge the cable over. Correct the mistake in the final pattern and no one would ever know. Nope, I’m off by EIGHT freakin’ stitches. I had to RIP THE WHOLE THING. Last night I fortified with a good homebrew, and ripped over 3000 stitches so I’m back to the ribbing*. Then I realized I’d left my chart at work, gave up, and knit something else for the evening.

I’ll get started with a Properly Placed cable chart tomorrow, thankyouverymuch.

*At least I can now report that this polworth yarn (Edna from Dirty Water Dyeworks) frogs beautifully! The yarn has held up really well to all this abuse…


9 responses to “first and second tries

  1. I took my knitting to work with me last night, and at lunch time I got ready to roll…….oops….forgot the CC yarn! Are all knitters as scatter-brained as I???? I am a novice knitter, but very experienced in frogging! I will never be able to design like you, and I so admire you!!!

    • I’m sure that somewhere out there are proficient knitters who read their patterns carefully, plan ahead when packing projects, and never make these sorts of mistakes. I don’t actually KNOW any knitters like that, but I’m sure a few must exist…

  2. Your processes is very educational… it is educating me to trust that I never want to design things and that I am happy to pay for other people’s patterns! This is going to be incredible and I am filled with anticipation! Can’t wait to get to knit it!

  3. Becky, that sounds very frustrating. But the yarn looks lovely, and I love the description of the cables swooping up and back . . .

  4. It IS very pretty yarn, and the cables are lovely on the stockinette background! You’ll be fine. (Here my motherly, encouraging voice.)

  5. Well, it looks lovely! I can’t believe you keep track of how many stitches you frog, though. I would so much rather NOT know how many hundreds (or thousands…) of stitches I’m ripping out!

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