forging ahead

After its rocky start my cardigan is coming along nicely. Neil and I were in the car a fair bit this weekend, so I’ve knit through the waist shaping and started into the bust increases.

boyden cables

The nice thing about writing the pattern up in advance is that once I’ve tested the details (such as, do I really want a ssk here, or would I rather a k2tog?) the knitting is smooth sailing. Other than the occasional bought of self-doubt (Is the body long enough? Did I double check the shoulder numbers? Is that really the right waist circumference?) I can follow my pattern without thinking too much, just as I might follow a published pattern*.

However, it is still hard to knit cables in the dark.

boyden long

*I know myself well enough that I know I’m going to have these internal questions even when I’ve double and triple checked everything. I KNOW the sizing, fit, details, are all going to be fine but have trouble convincing my internal voice of that. Well, that and occasionally the inner voice is right (like on that neckline bind off/cable chart issue I had earlier)

One response to “forging ahead

  1. It is absolutely beautiful……like a painting in progress.

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