Norfolk Hat

Here’s another christmas knit that I can finally show to you all. It’s the Norfolk Hat by Amy Christoffers (also on Ravelry)


I really enjoyed knitting this hat. But I’m afraid I didn’t do a perfect job at it (that’s an understatement). See, this is one of the gifts I knit up over my thanksgathering break… And I have to say that knitting a cables AND lace hat while playing trivial pursuit and chatting for hours on end maybe isn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever attempted.


For some reason this one repeat of the pattern caught ALL my mistakes. YO’s in the wrong place, cables in the wrong place. One of those cables is even crossed the wrong way! And since I was chatting and playing games and eating inordinate amounts of food I wasn’t paying attention to my knitting. So I wouldn’t notice the error until I was several rows further up. Then I’d swear to myself that I needed to do better… And promptly make another mistake.

Eventually I gave up, and moved on to something more simple. I finished this hat in the quiet of my own home and you know what? It’s not hard at all. It’s tricky to see how the cables and lace will line up until you’ve actually knit them. But just follow the directions (that’s where I screwed up, not following them) and the hat comes out perfectly.


And from a few feet back, you can’t even see my mistakes!

I knit this hat out of a single skein of Quince & Co’s Lark yarn (one of my new favorite yarns) in Frank’s Plum colorway. The color is very similar to the one used in the pattern, but this yarn has much better stitch definition. Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca is a much fuzzier yarn. Fuzzy is fine, but the Lark was already in my stash. All my christmas knitting was done with stash yarn, because by the time I realized how much knitting I needed to do in December I didn’t have time to order yarn and wait for it to arrive, or even time to find a chance to stop by the LYS. Thank goodness for stash yarn!


4 responses to “Norfolk Hat

  1. I think the fuzzy yarn would have hidden the pattern……which is lovely!!

  2. Are your ancestors of Scandinavian descent?

    • Well, I wouldn’t knit this hat in eyelash yarn or anything, but ultra alpaca isn’t so fuzzy it’d hide the pretty details, it just makes things a little more halo’ed.

      Like plenty of other Americans my ancestors come from All Over The Place. But yes, some of those places were in Scandinavia :-)

  3. Love the color! And a great stashbuster project to boot!!

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