Right now I have a list of things I want to do as long as my arm! I have a photo shoot I want to do this weekend (assuming it’s not too cold) a sewing project I want to tackle (pea coat, not that I ever plan big or anything) an earring rack I want to make (the materials have been in my craft room for months) salsa to can (I froze the ingredients in October) embroidery to finish, sketches to frame, photos to print, fabric swatches to hang on the wall, a pie to bake, some yarn to spin for a new project… The list goes on and on (and then, of course, there’s the knitting!)

I keep thinking to myself that I’ll do it next weekend. Well you know what? Clearly I don’t have enough time in my weekends! Recently I’ve been working on getting a little bit done in the evenings after work. It was my un-official new years resolution that I’d try and do a little bit at a time instead of waiting until I had enough time to tackle a whole big project all at once. After all, that’s how my knitting gets done. Why not apply it to my other projects, crafts, (cleaning, laundry, this could be applied everywhere!)

So far I think I’ve made a good start. The problem seems to be that the more I manage to finish these little projects the more other long-neglected ideas pop to the front saying “hey! is it my turn next?”

I guess that’s a pretty good problem to have…


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