more snow please*

It’s been a very slow winter, as far as winters in Vermont are concerned – good for the animals who dislike the snow, bad for those of us who LIKE winter. The folks who make their winter money plowing and shoveling are probably hurting badly**.

almost no snow

We’ve had a few below zero mornings, but not a lot of true cold spells. And while we’ve had more than a few storms, they keep melting away instead of accumulating. It’s seriously weird to have grass sticking up in January, but that’s was true until the storm started this morning. Also, when did we in VT start calling 3-6 inches a storm anyway?

The weather has always been one of those cliche things to talk about, but more and more around me I hear people whispering (or complaining loudly) about climate change. As Bill McKibben would say, welcome to the new normal. I won’t get into the details, since they’re everywhere (start with that link if you’re curious) but as my friend (who’s not a crabby old farmer, but can sound like one when she puts her mind to it) said “no good for the crops, bugs, germs, allergens, animal population control, water table…”

I think I’m going to plant some peach trees. I might as well get something positive out of all this…

melting snow

*Yeah, this post is essentially a weather report. Get over it.
**Neil used to do landscaping/snow removal back when we lived in the city. We both keep commenting on how financially SCREWED we’d be if he still had that job.


2 responses to “more snow please*

  1. Apparently this winter has been really mild for Rome, as well. Usually it rains nearly every day, and is the 30s-40s. It has been clear, sunny, and in the 40s to 50s. Bit trippy for a New Englander, but lovely to have flowers blooming in January.

    • Yikes! That’s a big temperature difference! I’ve almost moved out of new england several times. But every time I consider it I realize I’d miss the changes of the seasons too much… (that, and my family)

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