need more colors

Everything I’m knitting right now is brown. Brown brown BROWN! It took me completely by surprise. I wrapped up this one project (blue) and another (green) was on and off my needles so quickly I barely saw it. But the Brown has been around for awhile. There’s my BROWN version of the plum frost cardigan (due for a steek this weekend*)

brown colorwork

There’s the BROWN cardi with the cables

boyden yarn

There’s a BROWN lap blanket knit in some very old handspun.

hap blanket

And even my current pair of mitts is BROWN. Seriously, 4 projects on the go and all of them BROWN? How does that happen by accident? Worse still is that this flies in the face of my belief that winter knitting should be colorful to make up for all the gray and white outside my doors.

So tonight I’m taking something different to knit night. I’m not sure if it’ll be the GREEN design that’s been in hibernation for awhile or the cheery BLUE socks that I’ve been meaning to start since last november. Either way I’m not starting any more BROWN projects any time soon.

*finally, it’s been waiting since November


One response to “need more colors

  1. It’s all pretty though! And you’ve got a little bit of colour in the plum frost cardi, at least :-)

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