baked ziti

If, like me, you’re trying to eat as much home grown food as possible, and as little pre-prepared commercially processed food as you can, it’s important to have some quick meals on hand. These are for nights when you’re running late or just don’t feel like cooking. My home made pasta sauce is AMAZING and I don’t need an excuse to eat it, however it also fills this spot in my kitchen. After all pasta and red sauce is so quick to make.

baked ziti

But this may be an even better use. Baked ziti, made with a jar of pasta sauce and a jar of tomato chutney. The chutney is sweeter than red sauce. It’s chunkier, and has raisins and spices in it that you wouldn’t put in pasta sauce. It adds depth and intrigue* to the baked ziti. But it’s still a wicked quick dish. Boil pasta, heat sauce, mix in a half cup of marscapone** (or sour cream, or cream cheese, or whatever you have in your fridge). Combine the noodles and sauce. Top with sliced cheese (cheddar in this case) and bread crumbs. Bake until the cheese on top is melty.

So easy and so quick. Also a pretty good example of using canned foods which is another thing I try to keep on top of.***

*ok, this sounds pretentious. But seriously, wouldn’t you be INTRIGUED if you were eating a baked ziti dish and then suddenly: bang! a raisin!
**leftover from christmas baking season. I do not usually have marscapone just lying around in my fridge.
***anyone have a good use for all those extra jars of pickles? No?


One response to “baked ziti

  1. I don’t know what “extra” jars of pickles means… I’ve never heard of such a thing! *wanders off to find a pickle to crunch on*

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