Way, waaaaaay back I was inspired by two posts from Grumperina, one about earrings, and the other about necklaces. (waaay back before pinterest, hey did you know I’m on pinterest now?)

Anyway, the ideas percolated in my head for over a year. Then about 6 months ago I went out and bought half the supplies I needed* at a craft store.


But not the wood for the frame. I originally thought I was going to do something awesome and rustic using natural tree branches. Yeah, that never happened. So I finally broke down and got some balsam wood for the frame. While this is the same idea as in the links I have my own take on the project. My version uses less glue and more staples. We all have our preferred shortcuts!


Using balsam wood was interesting, did you know you can push the nails in with your fingers? No hammer required!

attach cloth

I used counted cross stitch fabric for the canvas, I figured the little holes would make it easy to hang the earrings. I trimmed the corners so it wrapped around the frame just right and stapled it into place. I put tiny cup hooks along the bottom edge for my necklaces, bracelets, and hoop earrings.

organizer hooks

Tada! I love this display so much. I love wearing earrings but frequently forget to put them on in the morning. With this display hanging right next to my bathroom mirror I don’t forget anymore.

jewelry organizer

And it’s pretty! Bathroom decorations are something I struggle with (because there’s always the chance the cats will knock something into the toilet) but I think this qualifies as a decoration as well as a storage solution, right?


right! Now the only question is: why did I wait so long to do this?


*including lots of french hooks for earrings, because while those are my favorite only about half my earrings used them. After a little time with a package of empty hooks and a pair of needle nosed pliers ALL my earrings use french hooks. Anyone need some slightly used earring loops?

extra hooks

2 responses to “Inspired

  1. I prefer french hooks, too! Never occurred to me to DIY!! Brilliant, Also your display is very decorative!! Love it.

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