behind the scenes

I’m plugging quietly away on the boyden cardi. I’m working on the plain front first, which is easy and pretty mindless. I did tweak the armscye shaping by adding one more decrease. This is a big reason why I’ve never used a sample knitter for my initial project. I’m 85-95% accurate in the first write up, but I need to knit everything to be certain of it. Also a sample knitter might have gotten all the way to the neck decreases before realizing the cable chart needed to be moved… (I may never let myself live that one down)

In the mean time there is SWATCHING going on behind the scenes. There are a bunch (um, 3? 4?) publication calls right about now that I’d like to submit ideas for. On top of that I have a few indie designs in the works which I’m pretty excited about. Swatching, sketching, and brushing up on some specialized skills allows me to foster the excitement for the next design while I’m in the fairly-simple-knitting stage of the current design.

just a sock

Yes there may be some gansey inspired goodness in my future. And to be properly inspired I should learn about the originals. Right? Right. Oh, and there’s also a sock.

Actually, it’s the second sock. And given that I cast on the first sock last friday I’m feeling pretty good about this pair. It’s a dead easy K3, p1 ribbing and standard heel flap. But the yarn is oh so pretty. It’s colinette jitterbug which is a fat squooshy sock yarn so I’m using 2.5mm (US 1 1/2) needles for it and the cuff is only 60 stitches around. Between all that and the fact that I’ve finally learned I prefer my sock cuffs about 5 inches long I’m sure I know why these are knitting up so quickly!

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