The power of wool…

Neil and I went for a lovely (if chilly) hike on Saturday. The high for the day was about 15F but once we got moving this really wasn’t much of a problem. When the wind is low I happily hike wearing just a heavy sweater and light gloves*. I tend to take my hat and mittens off within the first 10 minutes because I need the ventilation…

laraway lookout

The hike up to Laraway mountain lookout** is one that we do frequently. It’s a nice 5.6 mile trip perfect for a half day or a wintery day when the sun sets early. This time Neil decided we should have tea at the lookout. He loves to make tea at the break on a winter hike. There’s really nothing quite like sipping steaming hot tea when surrounded by snow and cold and gorgeous views.

laraway tea

Wait, what does this have to do with the powers of wool? Hang on, I’m getting there. Unfortunately in the process of making tea his hands got all wet. Do I need to point out that at 15F you REALLY don’t want to be wandering around with wet hands and bare skin all exposed? And all he had for his hand were gortex hiking gloves. After about 3 minutes his fingers HURT from the cold, so I offered him my wool mittens. At 5 minutes his hands were already much happier and by 15 minutes he was asking why he didn’t have a pair of wool mittens of his very own***. Halfway down the mountain he was so happy he requested that I swap out his sock request for a pair of mittens.

The moral of this story appears to be that woolen mittens are The Best. Better than the real hiking gloves that did squat for his hands. And so wonderful that he wants them even more than a new pair of socks (and boy oh boy does he need new socks)

Wool: Keeping hikers warm even when wet since, um, forever?

*this heavy sweater and those light gloves. Projects linked for easy reference.
**It’s not actually the summit. That’s half a mile further up. But the summit is tree covered and the lookout is gorgeous, so we (and many other people) just stop there…
***correct answer is: because the dogs ate your last pair and I didn’t make you another


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