I have this thing about photo shoots with castles in them. I think everyone loves castles when they’re a kid, I just never got over that.* In the past I’ve dressed up as the fairytale princess for Bewitching Hour

tall with chapel

This isn’t exactly a castle. It’s actually a little chapel out in the woods at the Trapp ski resort. But I think it qualifies.

And before that, way back for one of my first published designs (kingdom) there was this castle in Irasburg

blue castle virtical

That’s a private residence, believe it or not…

I’ve been working on this new design, and while I can’t tell you anything about the design itself. I can tell you that I got some really awesome pictures of it here:

Montpelier fire tower

It’s the old fire tower at the top of the hill in Montpelier. There’s a similar one in Burlington too. I don’t know what it is about the vermont landscape that makes people want to build castles. But whatever it is, I like it!

*ok, seriously, who doesn’t love castles. Anyone?


9 responses to “castle-y

  1. lilithparkerLilith

    If you ever get down to Bennington, check out the administration building at Southern Vermont College.

  2. I love castles! I don’t think there are any in Tennessee though :/

  3. If you are ever on the North Shore of Boston you should check out (Ipswich) and (Gloucester). I think you’d love it!

    • I love Hammond Castle! They were actually on the short list for Bewitching Hour photos – until I saw that they have all kinds of special arrangments and a fee for on-site photography…

      Crane estate looks awesome!

  4. You look like you are the princess of the castle! The gloves are really beautiful, too!

  5. I didn’t realize Vermont had so many castles … time to go exploring!

  6. Mebbe since there are a lot of rocks? :)

    Fire tower/castle – it’s an awesome structure.

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