done and done

I’ve been on a finishing kick! Simple K3, p1 socks to help my neglected sock drawer?

simple socks2

Done! Knit in colinette jitterbug’s Monet colorway, US 1.5 needles, 60 stitches, ribbed cuff, slipped stitch heel and plain foot. In spite of knitting an entire pair of socks in January I’m NOT considering joining the 12 pairs in 2012 craze. Nope, not at all.

Neil’s mittens, that he requested because wool is awesome?

tree mittens

Done! These were knit to Neil’s exact specifications. He picked the yarn (brown Bartlett worsted) the cuff (long) the mitten (fitted) the decreases (rounded, not pointy) even the pattern (put a tree on it) Wait, don’t see the tree? Try this:

tree mittens2

Still no?

tree mittens3

Ok, so a garter stitch tree on a dark wooly background is tricky to photograph. But I swear it’s there. I borrowed* these mittens just for today so I could take pictures… They’re so nice I might need to knit myself a pair. I’m thinking green, maybe with the tree worked in white so it stands out. The catch is that there’s no pattern. The design moved straight from my brain to the needles in an almost subconscious manner. Right now the pattern goes something like this:

Knit a cuff-length ribbed cuff. Work standard thumb gussets when it is gusset time. AT THE SAME TIME work garter stitch tree as pictured. Work mitten decreases once hand measures to length of Neil’s little finger. Pick up held stitches and knit thumb.

That probably needs some more specifics…



9 responses to “done and done

  1. Nice socks and mittens! Love the tree idea!

  2. I love your socks! I always love the look of simply patterned socks – and they are so comfortable. I need to knit more of them. Fancy socks are fancy, but K3 P1 rib in a lovely yarn is just cozy and wonderful.

  3. I *might* need more socks . . .

  4. Are socks hard to knit? I am getting a little braver, but if they are difficult, then I’d rather avoid them a while longer! I really love the mittens with the tree!

    • Not hard at all! Socks are 75% knitting round and round in a tube. You need k2tog, ssk, and p2tog for the shaping. Heels aren’t hard to knit, but the method can be confusing, you just need to find a pattern that goes through it step by step and trust it’ll work out.

  5. Well done – could need a finishing kick myself :-)

  6. Thank you so much! You know, you are my mentor and I admire your awesome creativity! I may have enough yarn to make socks to go with my granddaughter’s scarves and hats!!

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