more than just a new hat pattern

Today I’m really excited about the release of my new hat pattern, the Sheep Herder’s hat. Like my other indie patterns I hope you’ll favorite and queue it on Ravelry.

sheep herder main

But this is more than just another pattern release. It’s the start of an exciting new thing. I’m working with Kim over at Grand View Farm to design patterns specifically for her yarns. This pattern uses Charlotte, a bulky 2ply that combines romney and mohair:

hat yarn3

Kim raises the goats and sheep (and bunnies!), has the yarn spun at a US mill, and then dyes it up with natural* dyes herself. This yarn is GORGEOUS. Charlotte is light and airy, it has sheen from the romney and a bit of halo from the mohair at the same time. Kim’s yarns are all really lovely, I have some natural romney at home which may be the next thing I cast on. But only if the her Leisel yarn (romney ANGORA blend) doesn’t decide what it wants to be first. You can buy her yarns on Etsy, she even has kits made up so you can get a printed copy of the pattern and enough yarn for the size and color you want all at once!

sheep herder slouchy

This hat has been my absolute favorite, go-to hat since I finished it back in December. Once the pattern was ready we just had to wait for the yarn to come back from the mill. Which took weeks longer than they had estimated. This reminded me how glad I am not to have to deal with manufacturing very often! But it’s finally here (or actually there – since Grand View farm is in a different county than me) and totally worth the wait.

sh toastyears

The hat can be worn two different ways: slouchy as styled at the top of the post, or pulled down over your ears to keep them warm as directly above. One reason I love this hat is because that slouchy look is quite in style right now. So I can come in from the cold, adjust my hat, and continue showing off the knitterly goodness.

sheep herder gazing

*except the blue, that’s from Greener Shades


4 responses to “more than just a new hat pattern

  1. This yarn color is so pretty on you, Becky! And, I really like the pattern too! Been trying to decide if I can rock the slouchy hat on my abnormally small head. Might need to buy your pattern to try it out :) Nicely done!

  2. I have a peanut head, too and the slouchy hats are the best for us. A snug fitting hat makes me look like a pin-head! I think the pattern is gorgeous, and I am off to Ravelry to check it out! I love the airy look, and it makes me think SPRING!!

  3. you ARE pretty in pink! great color on you.

  4. Love it! I love the different completely unique farm-based blends you can get. Such unique and beautiful yarns!

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