Shoulder cables are tricksy

I knew this was coming. I finished the body of the sweater, but it’s not done yet. The shoulder cables need tweaking. The trick is that they cables need to flow up and over the shoulder so they line up with the front cables when graphed. I knew I could at least get them to line up, so I went ahead and finished the shoulder (kitchener’s stitch and all) to see what the cables looked like if I just let the strands of the braid float:

1st try shoulder cables

Well, they DO line up. But they don’t look great. Again, I knew this was coming. The problem is that to make the sweater fit well, there need to be some short rows across the shoulder here.* Which means that the cable strand closest to the armscye just floats for 2 rows, while the strand closest to the neckline floats for 6.

So now I’m pondering what kind of twists I can get into a mere 6 rows. Clearly I need at least one cable cross, but two will make the strands flow better. I’m going to play with some graph paper. Right now I’m thinking this will actually work best if the shoulder cable starts at the neck divide, rather than continuing the standard cable up the first part. That’ll give me 8 or 9 right side rows in which to make the cables cross in a way that fits the pattern and still lines up with the front.

*Look at your shoulder in the mirror. See how the part closest to your neck is higher? Your shoulder slopes down to the point where it meets your arm. It makes sense that you need more fabric to get over the high part of your shoulder than the low part.


2 responses to “Shoulder cables are tricksy

  1. I can’t wait to see your solution ! Just thinking about it makes my brain hurt!

  2. And I was fretting over tinking or ripping rows on a mitten…… are a brave and talented soul!

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