Scarves for cancer research!

Buried at the bottom of yesterday’s post was a question asking if people wanted to donate scarves for breast cancer research. I’ve had plenty of positive feedback so I’m starting a scarf drive! I spoke with Shaleen* who organizes the scarves for the HRBP this morning and here are the details:

  • The High Risk Breast Program of Vermont accepts donated scarves year round, and sells them at the Davis Center on UVM’s main campus from September to whenever-it-gets-warm.
  • The proceeds go towards their educational newsletter, data collection, patient-related research, and program coordination costs.
  • In one year they raised over $3600 to support the HRBP.
  • Their scarf supply is very low right now, and they’d love to get more!

So here is what I’m proposing: if you want to help out leave a comment here. Then go make a scarf! I’ll collect all the donated scarves and take them with me when I go in for my May appointment. You can be certain that I’ll have a blog post or three about the scarves I receive and the looks on the faces at the center when I show up with a pile ‘o scarves! You’ll be asked for your e-mail address when commenting- it’s kept private but I can see it**. I’ll send my mailing address to everyone who wants to participate. Just send me your hand made scarf by the beginning of May so I have them all when I go for my next appointment on May 15th.

Scarf Specifics

  • Knit, crochet (probably even woven!) scarves are welcome.
  • They ask for high quality hand made scarves.
  • Use your own best judgement, I’m not going to be a yarn snob here.
  • There are NO color, texture, etc… requirements.
  • I suspect it would be ok to put a little care label on your scarf.
  • Remember these are being sold to the general public.

Questions? Let me know! And feel free to help spread the word.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:
Scarf size: please send adult sized scarves as these are being sold on a college campus.
Other items: They are only collecting scarves. The sale display isn’t set up to properly show off hats, cowls, etc…
Spreading the word: Feel free to link this post where ever you like, and to share the drive with people you know in real life know as well.

*The woman named on the website no longer works with the program. But the number listed is still good. If you want to send your scarf directly to them you’ll have to call her and see if arrangements can be made.

**If you left a comment yesterday saying you wanted to help out, I’ve already got your name :-)


49 responses to “Scarves for cancer research!

  1. MN contingent reporting for duty!

  2. Hi Becky, I wanted to make a donation to the High Risk Breast Program but their online donation won’t accept anything less than 50 dollars. Boo. I donated a few weeks ago to a friend who is running Komen for Cure before all the kerfuffle, ugh. Such a shame when something seemingly positive becomes so mired in political muck.

    • It is a shame! I find myself reminding people that Komen isn’t actively evil, they just have priorities that a lot of people don’t realize when they’re donating. I didn’t realize the HRBP had a minimum on their website donation, thanks for the heads’ up.

      Did you want to knit a scarf? Let me know if you need my address. I’m trying not to spam people with it :-)

    • Hi Misa, thank you for the the consideration to donante to the HRBP. I’m Shaleen Theiler, the coordinator, and I’ll work on getting that changed on the new website ( as well as my name updated).

  3. Hi Becky – I’m a friend of Kat’s. I’ll be working on scarves until near the deadline and then Kat will mail them out your way. Thanks to the both of you for passing on this opportunity! ~Holly

  4. I saw your post on FB via KnitPicks, and I’d love to brush off my sad, dusty needles to make a scarf or two for a good cause.

  5. Hi Becky….I too found your post on FB via KnitPicks….I would like to send you a scarf or two. I will also ask the ladies in my knitting group if they would like to donate also…..we lost a dear member of our knitting group to breast cancer just a few months ago. ~~~~ Beth

  6. I just saw this post via KnitPicks on Facebook also and I would love to add in a scarf to the amounts of baby blankets I am making now!

  7. I am in!

  8. Sign me up Becky! I have a nice cashmere blend that is waiting to caress someones skin!

  9. I would like to help, too.

  10. Forgot to ask, do they take cowls, too?

  11. Victoria Taylor

    Would love to make you a scarf. It will be mailed as I live in Texas.

  12. I like to knit some scarves to send to you.

  13. I suspect you are about to be flooded with scarves since the KnitPicks post. Count me in also!

  14. saw the request on Knitpicks on FB… I’d love to participate!

  15. I am in Becky!! I live in Nebraska so will be sending my scarves to you… So thrilled to be able to help!!

  16. Count me in, too!

  17. I would be glad to knit some scarves!

  18. Karen Courtemanche

    I saw your request on the KnitPicks post on Facebook. I would like to join the cause and knit some scarves for you. What a great way to help while doing something you love!. I live in Massachusetts so let me know where to send scarves when finished

  19. I am always looking for a good charity that needs help. Currently I am making hats scarves and mittens for our local Cancer Center. I live in Cape May, New Jersey. Count me In

  20. I too found your post on FB via KnitPicks….I would like to send you a scarf as well.

  21. I’m right here in VT and would love to make a scarf or two for this! I made and donated nearly 90 hats this past winter and need a new project. Please let me know! Thanks!

  22. Count me in! I’m in Seoul so I’m hoping the mail won’t be too slow, but I’ll get out what I can and spread the word!

  23. I would love to help by making a couple of scarves. Please let me know where to send them. Thank you.


  24. I’d love to help also!! Please let me know where to send them. I knit and crochet scarves to try out new patterns so I’m very excited to help out!!
    Thanks for putting this together.

  25. I would love to participate! Two things dear to my heart: yarn and finding a cure. Thanks for reaching out.

  26. For sure. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. I am not the greatest knitter in the world but I would love to donate a few scarves since I make alot of them and they are pretty funky. Also – I have a close friend who has stage IV ovarian cancer and I just took her to get her head shaved yesterday and her wig fitted. I knitted her a chemo cap and she loves it – do you think that might be appropriate as well or are you only doing scarves?

    • Thanks for asking! These scarves are actually for sale to the public and the funds support the cancer research being done. So they’re not looking for chemo caps, just scarves.

  28. I think I can manage a scarf or two by May. ;-)

  29. May I re-post a link to my local knitter’s groups. Yes, I knit in public with more than one group…

  30. Charity knitting is my favorite.

  31. I am in. What are the school colors of the college?

  32. I’d love to make a scarf for this. Thanks for organizing, Becky!

  33. I would love to help!

  34. Karen Courtemanche

    Still interested in donating scarves for this cause……please contact me by email with information on where to ship them.

  35. I have a triangular shawl that I can donate, would that be accepted? (this one:

  36. I wanted to thank everyone for their time and donations. There is allot of heart, soul, and time that goes into the scarfs which you donate. I would like for you to know how much these mean to us. We are a small charity and the scarf sales pay for our quarterly newletter, flyers, and some supplies.
    Email me if you wish to recieve our newsletter.
    thank you from the HRBP of Vermont
    – Shaleen

    • Shaleen,

      I’m so glad you found my blog! I had considered mentioning it, but a lot of people get confused by the concept of a knitting blog and it can be tricky to explain over the phone…

      I’ve already started receiving scarves and I’m very excited to be helping out with the program.


  37. Elizabeth Simmons

    I would love to send you a scarf or two for your cause! I have a small knitting group that I am sure would be willing to donate as well!!Keep up the great work!!

  38. Out of pure curiosity, what is the college link so I can figure out what shade of the 90000 greens (and maybe 3 gold shades.) that are out there to best match up for collegiate scarf. I’m a bit anal when it comes to trying to match up college colors. (I’ve never found the right shade of Green for Michigan State. So I’ve told my kids they can’t go there.:)

    • Wow! A quick search turned up UVM’s style guide – so now I know that UVM’s green is Pantone 3425. You can see it all over their website, it’s just

  39. I have at least one I’ll send, please email me your address. Thanks.

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