baby sheepies

I had a LONG but FUN weekend. Sunday we drove down to NH and back in one day (6 hours in the car) and I’m currently functioning on 3.5 hours of sleep (good times!)

But it was awesome to see everyone. We had a great spread of traditional Superbowl type foods, except almost everything was made from scratch: spinach dip, slow cooked kielbasa, meatballs. Neil made maple peppercorn chicken wings with wings that we and my parents grew. Even the maple syrup was home made…

Saturday was equally awesome. I went over to the sheep farm where I bought my montadale fleece last year to see the shearing again (no fleece this year, I’m still working on last year’s purchase). Along with tea, biscuits, and a friendly knitting circle there were also baby sheep at the farm!

Who can resist baby sheep?! I even took pictures of the baby sheep to show you all! But apparently I’ve left my camera cable at home. So no sheep for you! At least not today. And since Neil’s holding down the home fort while I take off for some job training these next few days may be fairly boring here on the blog. I know I can post from my phone, and upload pictures from my phone… Maybe I’ll see if I can combine the two. But only if I see something post-worthy.

In the mean time enjoy your knitting, keep spreading the word about scarves for cancer research, and I’ll bring you adorable lamb photos next time.


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