Travel knitting

It’s important to consider your travel knitting carefully.

travel knitting.jpg

If you’re anything like me you’re first need will be something complex-but-portable. This is for keeping yourself occupied during layovers and in flight. It needs to engage my full brain, but not take up my entire carry on or invade my neighbor’s personal space.

clematis sock.jpg

These are the wallflower socks from twist collective. Other complex socks or a lace shawl would also fill this need.

Your second need will be for something simple, almost boring. This is for knitting under the table at conferences, while out to dinner, or when your brain is completely incapacitated from lack of sleep and/or too much travel.

zaftig wisp.jpg

This is knitty’s wisp scarf. Except mine is in worsted weight yarn, and without the border eyelets that would’ve required paying attention to at-the-same-time directions. Perfect.


3 responses to “Travel knitting

  1. Ha ha! I thought I was the only one who had to take at least two projects with me on a trip!

  2. I would also submit that one must carefully consider what else goes in the travel bag.

    I once put a peach into a bag with a knitting project, only to find that the needle punctured the peach and I had peach ooze on my partial scarf and various other items…

  3. Karen Courtemanche

    When doing any type of traveling, I have at least 2 projects with me, sometimes 3. You never know when you might need something to pass the time.

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