I promised you lamb photos!

surprise lamb3

And I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten!

surprise lambs2

These guys are adorable and tiny and HUNGRY and maybe 3 days old?

surprise lamb1

Yeah, it’s a bit early for there to be lambs. The farmer said he had a ram get loose in the ewe pen this one time… I guess the ram was pretty excited about his job on the farm and just couldn’t wait to get started.


5 responses to “Lambs

  1. Love the lambs. Don’t care for the job the shearer did on that poor ewe. :-(

  2. Sartells ewes started lambing a little earlier than expected, too – not sure to what degree (sic) this might be effected by the weird weather?

    • Interesting, this farmer usually wants his sheep to lamb in late march, so these little guys are definitely the work of an escaped ram.

      He shears earlier than most farms because he finds the ewes are more likely to lamb inside if they feel a little chilly. Warm ewes lamb in the pasture which is less good for the lambs themselves.

  3. They’re so tiny and cute! Funny about the overenthusiastic ram, though :D

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