Last fall Neil and I got a 40lb box of onions. We’d never bought bulk onions before, but they’re so tasty we figured – why not! Well as February rolled around the early bloomers* of the box have started to sprout.

On Saturday Neil made french onion soup (and we could make it a few more times before putting a decent dent in our onion supply!) I don’t know where Neil found his recipe but it took HOURS. The chopped onions were roasted in the oven for 3 hours before moving them to the stovetop. Then there were FIVE rounds of deglazing the pan (the last time with sherry.) Then came the usual soup steps of adding the broth and simmering things. It took Neil all afternoon**, but the results were AMAZING.

french onion soup

This is on topic for Valentine’s day in our world. Years ago (when we were poor college students) we agreed that rather than spending money for gifts for valentine’s day we’d make a nice dinner for ourselves. It was a lot trickier at the time because we both lived in dorms. Sterling College had an old kitchen in the upstairs of an random class building. This kitchen had an electric range you couldn’t trust and a fridge straight out of the 1950’s. But we had so much fun hanging out there, cooking for each other, and spending the evening alone together that we agreed we should do it every year (except in nicer kitchens.)

We still make a point of cooking a nice dinner for each other on valentine’s day. We’ll make a special dish, something that takes a little extra effort. There will be candles, and dessert once dinner is finished. We’re not the sort of people who buy into a commercialized version of any holidays. So this is a great way for us to celebrate our relationship without going all commercial.

But I have no idea how we’re going to improve on Saturday’s dinner…

*pun intended
**he made a baguette from scratch too, for the topping.


3 responses to “Onions

  1. Wow. I realize I’m YOUR mother, but I do hope you appreciate HIM. . . .

  2. Not that you don’t deserve the very best, of course!

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