Little Snippet

I still LOVE the scrappy scarf I knit up earlier this winter (the one I knit not once, but twice) It seems a lot of other people would love one too*


So I wrote up a little pattern! And I’m making it available to everyone for free. You can favorite and queue it on Ravelry as always.


download now

As I mentioned before, it’s wicked easy. But this PDF includes a diagram for the overhand knots I used to trim the fringe. I also included a half page of suggestions for choosing and organizing colors so your scrap scarf can look something like mine. I’d like to thank Ravelry for making this free download available to members and non-members alike!


But of course it won’t look much like mine, because the wonderful thing about these scarves is that each one is unique!


You only need approximately 6 yards of yarn for each stripe. Since this scarf is designed to use many different weights of yarns your gauge will vary from one row to the next. For once I’ll tell you gauge isn’t important. (shocking, I know)


*almost every day I get visitors to my blog who are searching for “scrap yarn scarf” or scarf pattern scraps some variation on that. Seriously, if all the variations were combined it’d be the single biggest search term for me…


4 responses to “Little Snippet

  1. It’s such a fun, easy, great (!) way to use up bits and pieces. I would love one just for me out of handspun scraps. Which I’ll get to in my spare time this month… or maybe February 2013?

  2. Lots of fun! I’ll keep one going in my leftover basket.

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