what I’m wearing: pants!

I bet you’re all really glad to hear I’m wearing pants today* but these aren’t just any pants:

high school pants

Nope, these fabulously flared pants are High School Pants. They surfaced from the back of my old closet earlier this month while I was helping my mom clear out clutter.

I’ve been saying for years that I’m still wearing the same sized pants as high school. This IN SPITE of the fact that the clothing industry keeps changing the number on the tag of the pants I buy. In case you’re curious, the pants I got for christmas this year say “Size 4” on the tag. These pants say “Size 12” Whatever stupid fashion industry, you’re just making it harder for me to figure out what size to try on…

These pants are still in pretty good shape. They got put away when I went to college because that was about the time I decided I really couldn’t wear white clothing without getting stains everywhere. I still feel that way, but I can occasionally pull off something cream colored (if I’m careful.) But those 60-esque bell bottom flairs seemed a little over the top to me.

modified pants

So I did a little alteration over the weekend, and now I have a new pair of work pants! The sewing job isn’t as great as it looks from a distance. The CORRECT way to have done this would’ve involved picking out the double folded seam (same as on most jeans) on one side and taking a little bit of fabric off each edge of the pant leg. But That seamed** like too much work. So I just pinned, sewed, and cut all the excess fabric off one edge. This means that from the knee to the cuff the fabric is now slightly biased. It’s not a problem when I’m wearing them. But the bias makes the material curl just enough that they can’t be folded perfectly flat. Ironing these pants would be a nightmare. Good thing I never iron pants…

*as opposed to not-wearing-pants, which could be problematic.
**HA! It was a typo, but I’m totally leaving it in!


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