Fruit on Top

The other day the lid on my yogurt container cracked. Not wanting the plain yogurt to absorb lots of funny refrigerator smells I needed to transfer it to some other container. I figured while I was at it I could divide it up into smaller containers so it’d be easy to grab one for breakfast or a snack.

yogurt parfaits

I usually buy plain yogurt (or make it myself, if I’m on a yogurt kick) I’ve found that jam makes an EXCELLENT addition to plain yogurt. It adds the sweetness and the fruit that spice up unflavored yogurt all in one go. It’s also a great way to use up extra jam.*

yogurt layers

I added the granola as an experiment. I was hoping the jam would separate the yogurt and keep it from getting too soft. It sort of worked. The granola got a bit softer than normal, but still added texture and didn’t go completely mushy.

I feel pretty brilliant about how this came out. They make easy, home made, quick snacks. Home made and quick is a tricky combination to find. They can be as little or as much home made as you desire (depending on if you’re the kind of person to make your own yogurt, granola, and/or jam) Also you’ll never find fruit on the bottom yogurts in the store in these flavors (strawberry rhubarb ginger, strawberry black currant, peach nutmeg, my jam flavors are pretty good)

I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy food ideas that aren’t commercially made (in the “eat only food your grandparents would recognize theme) So when I came up with a great idea of my own** I figured I’d share it.


*I have a lot of jam leftover from last summer that needs to be eaten before I start making more next summer!

**Not that I’m the first person ever to do this, just that I haven’t seen anyone else talking about it.


2 responses to “Fruit on Top

  1. Great idea! I love yoghurt, and I have so much extra jam… I made loads of it last summer but it’s only me eating it so it hangs around for a while!

    (Also, the tea cosy is gorgeous.)

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