I’m feeling a bit thwarted in my knitting right now. I’ve run out of yarn for my awesome colorwork socks – so sad! I’m actively searching for remnants Lang Yarns Jawoll Solid Superwash in the tan colorway and and Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks in the vineyard colorway (do you have any? I’ll pay for them!) I really want remnants not whole skeins, it just doesn’t feel right to buy a whole skein when all I need is another 50 or so yards…

Meanwhile I was working on my brown afghan:

big brown blanket

Which is a full square now. This might seem pretty good, until you learn that two days ago it had 16 rounds of edging. But the lace pattern I’d made up was pulling in too much along the edges. It took me so many rounds to realize my problem because I thought that the circular needle was pulling in the edges: until I took it off the needle and still couldn’t spread the thing out. So now the blanket is in time out until I figure out how to work the edging.

I am making good progress on a lace shawl. But hundreds of stitches of lace all smashed together onto a needle doesn’t look like much. And each row takes almost 30 minutes at this point. So while I’m making good progress it doesn’t feel like it…

My boyden cardi was going really well! Until I finished a sleeve (I shouldn’t complain!) Now I need to do more charts before I can knit the second sleeve. I also really need to add the body edits to the electronic file before I forget them.

So – with all these projects in various stages of holding I was a bit at a loss trying to decide what to knit in front of the TV last night.

just another washcloth

Good thing I always need more kitchen wash cloths…


3 responses to “Thwarted

  1. Sounds like we had similar days yesterday! Nothing quite suited the mood… so of course I had to cast on one more project.

    I am pretty sure you’ve already thought of this – Ravelry stashes for the scraps you are looking for??

    • Yes, sadly I’ve been rummaging through other people’s stashes already. (doesn’t that make it sound like I’m going into their houses and digging through their yarn?) I’m considering checking with the groups that swap yarn for the beekeepers quilt and other mini-skein projects… Don’t know if those people keep their swaps labeled, but possibly someone will have the yarn I need there!

  2. Wish I had something to send you! But alas…. no.

    I am so bad about updating my readable copies of patterns. Instead, I have all these weird scrawled notes to self in a notebook, and think I can understand/read them after the fact, but not always. It’s a BAD habit. :P

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