love affair

It happens to all of us once in awhile, no matter how monogamous we need (or want) to be for our main knitting project we get blindsided by love for some other yarn. I mean, this does happen to people besides me, right?

I’m in love with stripes.


Purple and brown stripes, to be exact. The colors are so rich so vibrant, the yarn so sproingy. The stripes are so pleasing, the heel so comfortable!

forked heel

I cast on Sunday night and the first sock is already finished! I love wearing sport weight socks (my feet are always cold), but I think I love knitting them almost as much! The heel is a forked short row heel introduced to me by Melissa. I was whining about my standard short row heels being too tight, and causing the fabric to wear through just above the heel. My regular socks never wear through here, so I figured the fabric had to be under more stress than usual. I haven’t worn these socks yet, but I can tell just putting the first one on that there’s more fabric in the heel – it feels more comfortable. Hopefully it’ll hold up better as well!

I’m trying to be faithful to my lace shawl:


I can’t show you the yarn yet, it’s for the Shakespeare in Lace club. Trust me, the colors are amazing in real life. And the ripping worked out, so I’m knitting the transition before the final edging at this point. But each row is taking me 25 minutes! I’m sure when I get to block the lace the love will come back all at once. But for now, this project is a bit of a slog.

So I’ll continue to reward myself with STRIPY SOCKS in the evening. Mmmm, stripes….


3 responses to “love affair

  1. Feel free to go head and just put those in the mail to me…! Gorgeous!

  2. You are definitely not the only one who gets pulled away from a project for another yarn that’s speaking to you, especially one that’s stripey!

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