I’ve noticed something. When somebody finishes one of my designs and puts a bunch of pictures up in ravelry or on their blog – whatever pattern that is gets more attention from other knitters.

(my cocktail hour cuffs, knit by Crafting Crone)

Seems like a logical connection, right? One person enjoys a pattern and so other people are drawn to it. I’d like to encourage this behavior so I have a proposition for you:

I would like to give you free patterns, in exchange for decent finished object photography.

What you get:
two of my pattern PDFs, absolutely free
my undying gratitude

What I need from you:
Good quality finished object photography, uploaded to ravelry and/or your blog.

The details:
You can pick any of my independently released patterns. If I get enough* volunteers for a single pattern I’ll ask you to choose something else. I currently have 23 indie patterns available online (ravelry link). These ones, my knitpicks patterns, and the individual releases of my hand patterns. These are the only patterns I can offer for free.

Send me an e-mail listing what pattern you’d like to knit and let me know about how long you’ll think you need to finish. I’m not looking for speed knitters, but I want to see the results in a reasonable amount of time. Also send me a link to your other project photography: Ravelry, flickr, your blog, where ever you’ve got pictures online. Ideally you know your way around a camera and can take decent outdoor (camera flashes wash out knitting badly) photos. Show off your stuff!

We’ll come to a mutually agreed upon timeline and I’ll e-mail you the PDF for your chosen project. You can pick your own yarn, your own color, it’s YOUR project after all. You’re free to modify the project as long as the casual knitter can tell the finished object came from my pattern that’s great! You’re free to make any comments you want on the pattern. Whether you love it or hate it: let the world know.

Once you’ve uploaded your finished object photography I’ll drop the PDF for that project into your ravelry library** AND I’ll send you a coupon for one free PDF of your choice – to use whenever you want.

Sounds like a good deal? Check out my pattern lists above and send me a note at:
becky(dot)herrick(at)gmail(dot)com – replace the () etc…

*not sure what “enough” looks like yet, that’s to be decided.
**or, if you’re not on ravelry, I’ll add you to the list of pattern buyers so that if I ever need to update the PDF you’ll get an automatic update notice.


6 responses to “Proposition

  1. Wow, very clever. I am a crap photographer, but both my sister and son have a good eye, so I make them take pics of my patterns for sale. Getting good pics is a challenge. Good luck.

    • Well see how this goes! I’m perfectly happy with my pattern photos, I’d just love to see more finished objects. I don’t need professional quality photos, just something decent so other knitters can say “oh hey! Look at that awesome pattern”

      This whole thing could be a complete flop, but I firmly believe in the “nothing ventured, nothing gained” concept.

  2. I’ve started knitting Morningtide and am so excited to plop up a photo in Rav! It’s part of Nerd Wars and I hope it will get lots of notice.

    It’s a super fun pattern and I would so rather be knitting it right now instead of working…

    • Awww, thanks I really appreciate it! I make a point of getting decent photos of all my projects, especially now that I know how much it can mean to other designers!

  3. Awesomely brilliant plan! I want to knit a pair of those cuffs, but egads cannot commit to anything in a “reasonable” amount of time right now. :P Someday.

  4. Oooooh, I love this idea! I’m out of town right now but I will send you an email when I get home this weekend :)

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