Town Meeting Day

I just got back from town meeting day! In my little town we still meet in the old town hall, vote from the floor on the town officers and budget, discuss changes and upcoming events, and handle town politics face to face with our neighbors. I think it’s pretty cool. Although even in a small town like mine we don’t have as much attendance as we probably should or could, at least I feel like those who show up really care.

Nothing really controversial was decided, or even discussed. Well, except that proposed round-about at the intersection of our town and another… That might say something about small town life, that the proposed round-about was our biggest discussion (and it’s not even technically in our town)

But there was a lady behind me knitting what was either a sleeve or a scarf with colorwork on the trim. It was very pretty, but she left before I could ask her what she was working on…

Now I’m going to take the rest of my day to catch up on some deadline projects!


2 responses to “Town Meeting Day

  1. I miss the good old fashioned Town Meeting! I have worked in local government for over 25 years, but before then, my father was the First Selectman in the town where I grew up. I miss the real Town Meeting. Where I work now has a Representative Town Meeting – just not the same, no way, no how.

    • I’ve always lived in towns with direct government. I remember learning about other forms in high school and thinking how odd anything else would be! Or at least would seem to me.

      But as towns in New England get bigger and bigger representative government is becoming much more common, even here. We also have a lot of towns going to “austrailian ballot” where all the town meeting items are listed on a ballot and you can come in whenever and vote yes or no. It’s supposed to allow more people to participate, but at the same time it decreases discussion, and of course you can’t motion for changes the way you can with floor voting… I don’t know how I feel about that…

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