more mitts – Gifford Woods

I released another pattern today – another fingerless mitts pattern! Gifford Woods is available both on my blog and as always you can favorite and queue it on Ravelry.

gifford main

This design has been floating around in my head for awhile. It first came to me with the burst of inspiration that developed into the Time on my Hands e-book – almost a year ago! At the time the idea of some mitts with leaves down the outside edge went with a Fall Back theme.* I had many more ideas than I could possibly fit into a single book, and so these were one that got cut.

gifford textures

But I still loved the idea. The next time it came to mind was at the VT Sheep and Wool festival last fall. My friend Amy mentioned that I was a designer while standing in the Periwinkle Sheep booth. Karin asked if I would be interested in designing with her yarn. Since I already had some of her yarn in my stash this was an easy question for me! I love supporting indie yarn dyers and she had this lovely brown yarn (the colorway is called Chai) I walked away from VT Sheep and Wool with a surprising amount of brown yarn, I must’ve been in a brown phase.

gifford artsy2

Anyway, the brown yarn reminded me of my fall back fingerless mitts. By last October I was finally done with the e-book and ready to start thinking about new mitt designs. These guys have been moving along slowly ever since. I’d pick them up to work on them in between big projects on and off all winter. So (ironically?) I’m releasing this rather autumnal pattern as spring is just around the corner! But the wonderful thing about fingerless mitts is they can be good for any season. Spring and Fall they keep my hands warm outside and the weather changes. In winter I wear them in the office, and in summer I wear them on cool evenings.

gifford vertical

I have an awful LOT of fingerless mitts at this point, almost a pair for every outfit!

*As in Spring Forward! and Fall Back! The little mnemonic type thing for remembering how to change the clocks for daylight savings time.


3 responses to “more mitts – Gifford Woods

  1. You’re right- fingerless mittens are perfect for in-between seasons! These are super-cute.

  2. Very nice! They’re now on my “Someday” list!

  3. Beautiful! I love the pictures, too. :)

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