There was a lot of fidgeting and fudging around to make the shoulder cables look just so. Then I had similar issues with the opening of the sleeve cable. Yet when I look at the finished sweater I’m reminded how much those little details fade into the background on when looking at the work as a whole*


The collar and buttonbands have been my evening knitting for the last week.


The buttons (from OruAka) arrived and are perfect for this sweater.


After the sweater dries and the buttons are attached the garment will be done!

But that’s not to say the pattern will be done. I still need to make all those corrections and changes for the other EIGHT sizes. And I need to layout the pattern, three charts, schematic (oh yeah, I’ll need to draw that) into an attractive PDF that doesn’t take too many pages. All that has to go to a tech editor. Oh yeah, and I need to schedule a photo shoot, pick a location, choose accessories, decide which shirt goes best with this warm sunny brown…

But soon there will be a pattern! Finishing the garment is a big step in that direction.

*Mind you, if they weren’t done properly they’d stand out like a sore thumb…


One response to “finished

  1. PERFECT buttons – it’s gonna be a stunner when it’s done. (After all those pesky “oh yeah” bits!)

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